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Solvent based die lubricant

High pressure die casting is the process of taking molten metal, typically aluminum, zinc, or magnesium and forcing it into a mold under high pressure. When it comes to aluminum die casting, die lubricants are extremely important. Aluminum alloy has a natural affinity for Iron (which unfortunately makes up H13 tool steel) and “70% of all die castings are made of aluminum” (Andresen). Die lubricants are necessary to create a barrier between the molten aluminum alloy and the die surface to prevent soldering. Initially products such as kerosene and diesel fuel were applied to the die surface to create this protective barrier. Solvent based die lubricants such as kerosene and diesel fuel worked as a good release but were dangerous, and carbon would build up quickly on the die.

Water-Based Die Lubricants

With health, safety, and environmental awareness growing, a new form of die lubricants were created. Water based die lubricants are the most common form of release used in the high pressure die cast industry today. Water based die lubricants are created as an emulsion which allows them to be shipped as a concentrate and then diluted before application. American Die Cast Releasants prides itself in its ability to create extremely stable emulsions allowing our die lubricant concentrate to sit for months without any separation issues.

Water Free Die Lubricants

We realize that tooling costs are a big concern of die casters and that thermal shock due to die lubricant affects tool life tremendously. That is why ADCR has developed the Trennex and Norlube water free die lubricants.

Water free die lubricants have shown the following benefits:

Norlube/Trennex die lubricants

All Norlube and Trennex die lubricants are made up of a proprietary blend of waxes, oils, and additives that provide optimal protection to the die surface as well as significant heat transfer. We offer a full line of conventional, semi synthetic, synthetic, and water free die lubricants to meet every die casters specific need. With each die cast process differing, it is imperative for one of our technical sales representatives to evaluate your process before testing any die lubricants.

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